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Community Profile South Fulton Tennessee

The Twin Cities of South Fulton – Fulton are located on the Tennessee-Kentucky State line. South Fulton is in Obion County, Tennessee, located in the extreme northwestern part of Tennessee. Fulton is located in Fulton County in the extreme southwestern part of Kentucky. Possessing one Chamber of Commerce and united in other phases of community activities, the cities are joined in a united endeavor toward continued growth.

South Fulton is 50 miles south of Paducah, KY, 212 miles south of St. Louis, MO, and 127 miles north of Memphis, TN. The city is also within a 200 miles radius of such major industrial distribution centers as Louisville, Nashville, Birmingham and Evansville.

The population of South Fulton is estimated at 2500. Within the immediate area around South Fulton, (25 mile radius) with a total population of 125,000, there are few industries employing large number of male help. The area is not fully industrialized. Electric power is distributed in South Fulton by the Weakley County Municipal Electric System which has a contract with the Tennessee Valley Authority. The TVA power system is financially self-supporting and is operated on a non-profit basis. Its objective is to provide an adequate and reliable supply of power at the lowest possible cost to ensure continued regional economic growth. Natural gas is distributed by the City of South Fulton Utility Department, and the city secures its water from three deep wells, with a pumping capacity of over 2,300,000 gallons per day.

South Fulton has a manager/commission form of government. South Fulton has its own police department, fire department, and municipal service department. It shares an ambulance service with Fulton, KY. South Fulton has a zoning ordinance, building code and a five member planning commission.

Financing of industrial project in West Tennessee communities is an important factor in attracting new firms to the area and encouraging existing firms to expand. South Fulton is served by the Canadian National Railroad. Daily service includes two passenger trains, 42 freight trains, 25 hour switching service and 21 tracks that can handle 1200 cars. Approximately 2000 cars are handled daily. Fulton Municipal Airport is located two miles northwest of South Fulton. Commercial service is available at Barkley Field in Paducah, KY and in Jackson, TN. Everett-Stewart Airport is located 12 miles away in Union City, TN, and has an excellent 825 acre airfield. The Hickman Riverport Facility, located on the Mississippi River 19 miles west of south Fulton, is developed around an efficient, warm slack-water harbor operation with capabilities of handling virtually any type of cargo.

South Fulton is served by a first-class post office with 20 employees and three incoming and outgoing mails daily. Telephone service is provided by South Central Bell Telephone Company and AT&T with over 6500 subscribers in the South Fulton-Fulton area.

All major networks are received from television stations in Paducah, KY, Cape Girardeau, MO Harrisburg, IL and Jackson, TN. Locally owned and operated radio station WKZT-AM serves the South Fulton area. The Fulton Leader and the Union City Daily Messenger are the local papers.

The prevailing climate is temperate, with pronounced seasonal variations in both temperature and precipitation. Snowfall is variable from year to year.

Tennessee has made a concentrated effort toward quality education. South Fulton has a public school, kindergarten through grade 12, one private kindergarten and one private pre-school. South Fulton is 10 miles from the University of Tennessee at Martin and 35 miles from Murray State University in Murray, KY. There are also colleges located in Paducah, KY and Dyersburg and Jackson, TN.

Baptist Memorial Hospital, located in Union City, is a nonprofit community hospital which provides a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic health care services. The hospital is fully accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Hospitals, and is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Health.

Within the community, there are 27 Protestant churches, one Catholic Church and a Jewish Temple. Three of the local churches have recreational facilities open.

Recreational facilities in the Twin Cities include a park with baseball diamonds, tennis courts, picnic areas and playgrounds. There is a swimming pool a golf course and driving range, and a bowling alley. There are T ball, softball, and baseball teams. There are also church sponsored softball teams for youth and adults. The Country Club of Fulton-South Fulton has an 18 hole golf course, swimming pool, six tennis courts and a club house. Within a 50 mile radius of South Fulton, there are several state and national parks that offer fishing, hunting, water sports and camping. Reelfoot Lake, the National Wildlife Refuge, Kentucky Lake and State Park, Lake Barkley State Park, Land-Between-the-Lakes National Recreation Area and Columbus-Belmont Battlefield State are all within an hour’s drive.

For further information contact:

City of South Fulton
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Debra Craig, City Manager


Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce
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