"One Community-
The Best of Two States"

700 Milton Counce Dr.
P.O.Box 5077
South Fulton, TN 38257

Welcome to the Twin Cities

Welcome to the Twin Cities, Fulton, Kentucky and South Fulton, Tennessee. We hope you enjoy your visit, and we hope you will decide to stay.

Our towns, as you probably know, are located in two states. We have two city governments and two school systems. Fulton School System is an independent system and South Fulton Schools are part of the Obion County Tennessee School System.

The towns were started in 1929 by B. F. Carr. The community prospered as a railroad town, and at one time was the “Banana Capitol of the World,” Prior to the invention of refrigerated rail cars, all the bananas that came into this part of the United States were shipped into Fulton to be iced down.

As the years have passed, the railroad is still an important part of our economy. We move approximately 2,000 cars daily through our yards. We have diversified and prospered in other areas as well. We manufacture car parts, sportswear, specialty trailers and plastics. We have one of the largest mechanical contracting firms in the United States, and we are home to Ferry Morse Seed Company.

There is a nice mix of older, historically significant homes, as well as sub-divided modern residential property. The Twin Cities remain a close knit, friendly community, ideal for raising children and enjoying family activities. The Twin Cities are conveniently located close to Kentucky Lake for those who enjoy outdoor activities. For those seeking a more metropolitan experience, the Twin Cities are within close driving distance to Nashville, Memphis, and also St. Louis.

For anyone looking for the quintessential southern small town experience, the Twin Cities will surely not disappoint. We always look forward to meeting new folks and will undoubtedly make your visit a welcome one.

I hope the enclosed information will give you an even better picture of the Twin Cities. Please do not hesitate to call if I can be of any further help.


Thea Vowell, Executive Director