Fulton, Kentucky 42041 South Fulton, Tennessee 38257
City of Fulton 2250
City of South Fulton 2355
Fulton County 6800
Obion County 31790
Nearest Metro Cities
Jackson, TN 65 Miles
Louisville, KY 246 Miles
Memphis, TN 137 Miles
Nashville, TN 165 Miles
Paducah, KY 50 Miles
St. Louis, MO 213 Miles


Local Ken-Tenn Airport, located 1 mile Northwest of Fulton, asphalt runway 4000’ x 75’, rotating beacon, modern lighting system are pilot controlled and in the process of upgrading to a GPS approach. Airport has three hangers and a new terminal built in 2008 available at traveler’s convinience with restrooms, refreshments and comfortable lobby. The field is in excellent state of repair and can accommodate aircraft normally used for executive purposes.

Everett Stewart Airport, located 12 miles south in Union City, TN, has a 825 acre airfield, including a 6500’ x 100’ runway, taxi way, a modern lighting system, and a 36 inch rotating beacon, low frequency NDB and instrument approaches, three hangars and an administrational building. A fun-time mechanic offers repair services. Flying lessons, storage facilities for private and charter aircraft are available.

Commercial Service

is available at Barkley Field in Paducah, KY and in Jackson, TN. Both commuter and charter services are available at these airports.


U.S. 45 E, 45 W, and 52. Purchase Parkway, Hwy 116, 166, 129, 307, TN Hwy 3 and 43.


Served by Canadian National Railroad. Daily service includes two passenger trains (AMTRAK), 42 freight trains, 24 hour switching service, and 21 tracks that can handle 1,200 cars. Approximately 2000 cars are handled daily through the yards and piggy back service is available. The Canadian National operates from Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis to New Orleans and Gulf Port.


11 Truck lines service the area including Railroader Trucking, Fulton, KY; Roadway Express, Union City, TN; Jones Truck Lines, Union City, TN; Paschall Truck Lines, Murray, KY; Overnight Transportation Company, Paducah, KY.

United Parcel Service, Federal Express, Purolator Courier and C.F. Freight provide service to the area.

Bus Service:

There is Greyhound bus service to Fulton/South Fulton.

Ferry Service:

Passenger and automobile service is operated by the Hickman/Dorena Ferry from Hickman, KY to Dorena, MO.

Other Services

Postal Service:

Fulton/South Fulton is served by a first-class post office with 20 employees and three incoming and outgoing mails daily.

Telephone Service:

Telephone service is provided by AT&T, Time Warner Cable and other local providers.


All major networks are received from television stations at Paducah, KY, Cape Girardeau, MO, Harrisburg, IL and Jackson, TN. Educational television reception is received from Murray, KY, Martin and Lexington, TN.


The Fulton Leader (weekly) and the Union City Daily Messenger (5 days a week) service the area. In addition, residents have a choice of several metropolitan newspapers such as the Memphis Commercial Appeal, the Louisville Courier Journal, and the Paducah Sun, which are delivered daily.


One local distributor for diesel fuel and one local distributor for propane gas.


Fulton: Fulton Electric system, Source: Tennessee Valley Authority South Fulton: Gibson County Electric and Weakley County Electric, Source: Tennessee Valley Authority

Natural Gas:

Furnished by the cities of Fulton and South Fulton.
Sanitation: Fulton has an agreement with Freedom Waste Services in Princeton, KY. Both cities furnish collection weekly for residential and as desired by businesses.


Both Fulton and South Fulton has updated sewage treatment facilities designed and built for stricter requirements than was mandated by the Federal Government, Environmental Protection Agency, and their respective states at the time of construction.


Both cities have their own wells and furnish water to the citizens and industries.

Planning and Zoning:

Both towns have zoning ordinances, building codes and five member planning commissions.


365 feet above sea level

Primary Mineral Resources:

Sand Gravel and Ball Clay

Primary Agriculture Products:

Soybeans, Corn, Wheat, Cattle, Chickens and Hogs